2016 SWALLT Conference Materials

2016 SWALLT Conference Materials


Integrating study abroad into the graduation portfolio through the student lens
By Yoshiko Saito-Abbott
Director, Monterey Bay World Language Project
California State University, Monterey Bay


By Jeff Winters
Director, CLA Language Labs
California State University Long Beach
By Trevor Shanklin
Director, LARC Language Lab
San Diego State University
Inventing the New Renaissance Generation (PDF)
By Clarissa Clò
Associate Professor of Italian and European Studies
Director of the Italian Studies Program
San Diego State University
By Maria Bolivar
Spanish Instructor
San Diego State University
Spanish 1     Spanish 2     Spanish 3     Spanish 4
By Nikki Karl
Spanish Instructor
DeMatha Catholic High School
By Gina Bushnell
Instructor in Spanish / English translation and interpretation
San Diego State University
By Jeremy Browne
Coordinator, Digital Humanities and Technology Program
Brigham Young University